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Stosh welcomes 2014!
Last year we switched to digital pickup submission and
and billing, this year we are growing and expanding our services
the new year is looking good!

First things first…Happy belated 2014!  Our huge thanks goes out to all of our clients for helping us to steadily grow in 2013.  Stosh is extremely thankful and encouraged by all of your feedback throughout the year. We have met some great new folks, gotten to know others better and carried some interesting cargo! Again, we thank you!

So 2014 is here and we thought we should give back to our clients in terms of additions that will give them better options and better service.  So without further ado, this is what we have been up to!

First and foremost, if your reading this then you have certainly gathered that we have redone our website…and its super snazzy, don’t you think?!  The site was redesigned to help our clients locate rate and contact information more obviously.  We have also added a “Pickup Request” page for our clients that have an active account.  Simply fill it out and click send…within 15 minutes you will have an ETA on our arrival.  Much of December was spent testing the speed and reliability of this  form through our servers and on to our mobiles and we believe it is ready for Prime Time.  This will become our preferred method of contact both for reliability but also because it allows you to give us all of the job specifics without the chance of misinterpretation on our end.  Its good for both Us and You!

With the website comes a new server.  Stosh is now hosted on a lovely Linux CentOS VE server without all dedicated resources.  Uptime is 99.9% and the speed makes us smile : )  It also allows us to add an SSL certificate shortly, giving us a completely secure means of receiving our clients information and requests. We have already moved all of our data to the server and the site your viewing is already streaming from it.

Though you are all familiar with our paperless billing invoices and interface, we have made a decision to  change it up.  After much research, we have chosen to migrate all of our billing information to HARVEST.  Its a simple, modern elegant invoicing solution written in the robust Ruby on Rails environment.  On the client end it provides all of the functionality that the previous solution did.  The cherry on the float is that HARVEST is a fellow Flatiron company and we are happy to support our neighbors!

Stosh did receive some negative feed back on the Google Checkout interface that we were using attached to our old invoicing system, so we decided to look at our options in that area as well, and low and behold we found some!  SWIPE has a lovely integration with HARVEST (thanks to the Harvest team) and Stosh has begun using the service as of February.  Should you wish to pay your bill via credit card you are able to do so right from within the invoice.  Its about as simple and clutter free as it gets, so enjoy!

And finally, Stosh now has SQUARE.  Square give us the ability to swipe cards directly on our phone for any client that wishes to use it.  It is a fabulous venture from the founder of twitter that gives small business mobile credit card functionality, we are immensely impressed and pleased!

Say Hello to Stosh 2014,
we look forward to seeing alot of you!